Monthly Archives: September 2018

Episode 30: Punch A Horse

Wow! It’s just the lads again this week and we get into it about:


-Finishing Nature’s Way

-Hating dolphins

-The top 5 animals to hit

-Being shamed

-We give each other boxing nicknames

-Diego not drinking

-Mike drinking

and the return of answering listener questions!

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Episode 29: My Dog Is Diarrhea with James Hamilton

-The wrestler Sting


-Bad roommates

-A lil comedy talk

-James being a teacher

-Whitney Houston

& more!

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Episode 28: White Jeep Wrangler with Gabby Bryan

Wow! The boys are back this week with this friend Gabby Bryan!
-Leif’s sex table
-When a shirt becomes a dress
-Gabby’s favorite food
-What’s in our phones
-Mike is a hero
-Gabby’s dumb 1920s party
& we play the 36 Questions That Lead To Love
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Episode 27- The Bigger Good

Wow! The lads are back from a bunch of different trips and they go over where they’ve been, what they’ve done and they get earnest with each other. It’s a real fun ride.
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