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Episode 17: Animal Style Haircut with Jakub Alexander

Wow! The boys are back with week with special guest Jakub Alexander aka Heathered Pearls. They have a lovely chat with topics including:

Mike does a lot of song work

The World Cup

The Osiris G-Bag


How to get taller

If Jakub is a DJ or not

How horny Jakub’s music is

The best day to die

Jakub’s dog rescue charity

Fantasy fight scenarios


How to neuter a dog

Ordering off menu at the barber shop

Moviepass Corner: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The Polish government

Jakub’s journey to America

Mike sleeping through a party

And answer your questions!

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Episode 16: Mugged Off By A Fit Bird

Hey hi hello the lads are back(we’re British now) and we have a right chat. This week we talked about:

Having an accent

John Malkovich or Milla Jovovich?

Mike’s body goals

Sex sounds

Hairline comedy

Long jump racism

Ex-girlfriend conspiracies

MoviePass Corner: Mike saw Book Club

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Episode 15: Anxiety Is Bae

Holy moly the boys couldn’t be more back in town and this week they chat about:

Athlete superstitions

Big bills

Coconut water conspiracies

Florida weddings

What Knights of Columbus actually do

Mike seeing his dad

How long we could go without sex

How to ask people to leave your house


Answer questions about:

Eating each other in plane crash

Intimidating men

Their old web series

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Episode 14: Carlito The Cat with Courtney Fearrington

Wow! This week the boys are back with comedian Courtney Fearrington and they talk about:
The difficulty of taking compliments
Being uncomfortable everywhere
Talking hardcore music to your therapist
Teaching kids word economy
Win-Win machete attack
First movie going experience
Jerkin’ it to COPS & Blind Date
Hiding a Playboy inside of a Playgirl
Strange Penis compliments
Deadpool spoilers
+ more!!
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Episode 13: Chipotle Aioli Bukkake with Jess Lane 

Wow! The boys are back this week and we chat with our good friend Jess Lane. It’s a great one.


Sing some songs

Invent a new food

Plan to open restaurants

Opine the end of Da Snack Boys

We get into a full argument

Talk about:


Diego going to a party

We construct the perfect party

Try to figure out Mike’s birthday

Turning 30

Discuss our merch options


Answer questions about:

Eating food that’s not vegan

Making a huge life change

Who our favorite Snack Boy is

Favorite Simpsons episode

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