Monthly Archives: August 2018

Episode 26: Tiger Nuts with Alyssa Limperis

Wow hey hello! The boys are back this week with their good friend Alyssa Limperis and they chatted about:

-The death of the Warped Tour

-Our favorite flag

-Buddhist swastikas

-We eat the worst snack ever

-Flying to see women

-Diego saving a man

-Childhood anxiety

-Arguing with friends

-Mike tells a horrific story from being on tour


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Episode 24: The Cee-Lo Dilemma with Kenice Mobley

Wowowow the boys are back this week and chat with their friend and comedian Kenice Mobley about: -Walking penis first -Avoiding jury duty -Second tier streetwear -Love Island corner -Don’t yuck my yums -Romantically skeezy dates
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Episode 23: Baldy Bad Project with Brendan Eyre

Hey hi hello we’re back this week with our good friend Brendan Eyre and we get down to brass tacks about:
– Hearing loss
– Brendan being on Serial
– The thought pattern of birds
– Crows (the birds) vs The Crow (the movie)
– Creepy directors
– Getting puffy
– Bodybuilders eating
– The expectation of being happy
– Debating people
– School projects
– Eating on the roof of a Taco Bell
– Brendan’s diner order
– Bottle modifications
– Soda addiction
– Breakfast cake
– Hobby stores
– Stealing music
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Episode 22: It All Comes Down To Bricks with Rufat Agayev

Wow hello the boys are back this week with Rufat Agayev and they get into it. They discuss:
-Slow sports car
-Karate stolen valor
-Azerbaijan banning Anthony Bourdain
-Harmony Korine, the voyager
– Rufat the mob prince
-Opening the flood gates of eating pussy
-The brutal open mics of NYC
-Christian rap reality mistakes
-We miss Syed Masroor
-Telling tattooers jokes
-Algorithm is math that makes us sad
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