Monthly Archives: September 2017

Jane The Virgin with Anya Volz

Wow! We’re back this week with Anya Volz(The Hard Times) and we discuss Jane The Virgin, what the horniest month ever was, brushing your teeth in a parking garage and more! Remember to rate/review/subscribe and to send me money if you want to!

Roadies with Clare O’Kane

Hey hi! We’re back this week with Clare O’Kane(Flophouse, Party Legends, Spongebob) and for some reason we talk about Showtime’s Roadies, fingering Dane Cook style, our favorite Blue Collar comedians and more! Rate/review/subscribe/whatever you gotta do.

Insecure with Christi Chiello

Wow! After a little break we are back this week with Christi Chiello (Comedy Central, TruTV) to talk about Insecure, Mark McGrath attacking people on the street, living within your means and more! Rate/review/subscribe/yadda yadda.