Monthly Archives: October 2018

Episode 34- Sexual Congress with Connor Creagan

Wow! The lads are back this week with friend and comedian Connor Creagan and they discuss:
-Being a +1
-Ripped guys winter outfits
-We figure out Diego’s Halloween costume
-Dating profiles
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Episode 33: Women Jail with Chloe McGovern

Wow! Hey hi hello! The boys talk to their friend and great comedian Chloe Mcgovern and they discuss:
-American souvenirs
-Our anxieties
-The Museum of Natural History
-We discover Mike’s hidden talent
-Kidney stones
-Conjugal visits
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Episode 32: Judas Law-Law

It’s just the lads rockin’ around the Christmas tree this week and they discuss:
-Naming their fans
-Mike puts out a challenge to the listeners
-Wild Wild West
-The number 13
-Watching Roots
-The MTA ruining our lives
-Working at restaurants
-Dating makeup artists
-Diego vs Mike’s self respect
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Episode 31: UCBublé with Joe Rumrill

Wow! The boys return this week with their good friend Joe Rumrill and they discuss:

-Michael Bublé

-Compare our wallets

-Some Kind Of Monster

-Playing in bands

-Finding money

+ more!

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