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Episode 21: Can I Finish? with Nick Naney

Oh my cousin, the boys are back with beautiful guest Nick Naney. Nick and Diego got naked and Mike put on even more clothes and then they talked about:
-The Sporanos
-Cooking shows
-Our Christmas Eve plans
-Mike can’t remember what a fencing sword is called
and they answer some questions!
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Episode 20- “So You Wanna Be A Sicario?”

Holy hell the boys are back this week and they go wild. They talk about:
-How Mike can’t chill
-Getting tattooed by Woody Allen
-Getting choked on Univision
-How Diego is 6 ft tall
-Paying the sound guy
-Comedy credits
-Live vs recorded music
-MoviePass corner
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Episode 19- We’re Therapists Now with Moss Perricone

Wow! The boys are back this week with guest Moss Perricone and we talk him through a breakup the entire time. That’s it. No questions. No topics. Just straight up therapy.
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Episode 18: Mandatory Square Dancing with Shalewa Sharpe

Wow! The boys are back this week with guest extraordinaire Shalewa Sharpe and they discuss:

The pass out game

Gym class

Jim(Gym?) Carrey

Celebrity hairlines

SATs/IQ test

Going to Universal

Buffet stories

All of Shalewa’s cars



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