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Episode 33: Women Jail with Chloe McGovern

Wow! Hey hi hello! The boys talk to their friend and great comedian Chloe Mcgovern and they discuss:
-American souvenirs
-Our anxieties
-The Museum of Natural History
-We discover Mike’s hidden talent
-Kidney stones
-Conjugal visits
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Episode 32: Judas Law-Law

It’s just the lads rockin’ around the Christmas tree this week and they discuss:
-Naming their fans
-Mike puts out a challenge to the listeners
-Wild Wild West
-The number 13
-Watching Roots
-The MTA ruining our lives
-Working at restaurants
-Dating makeup artists
-Diego vs Mike’s self respect
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Episode 31: UCBublé with Joe Rumrill

Wow! The boys return this week with their good friend Joe Rumrill and they discuss:

-Michael Bublé

-Compare our wallets

-Some Kind Of Monster

-Playing in bands

-Finding money

+ more!

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Episode 30: Punch A Horse

Wow! It’s just the lads again this week and we get into it about:


-Finishing Nature’s Way

-Hating dolphins

-The top 5 animals to hit

-Being shamed

-We give each other boxing nicknames

-Diego not drinking

-Mike drinking

and the return of answering listener questions!

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Episode 29: My Dog Is Diarrhea with James Hamilton

-The wrestler Sting


-Bad roommates

-A lil comedy talk

-James being a teacher

-Whitney Houston

& more!

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Episode 28: White Jeep Wrangler with Gabby Bryan

Wow! The boys are back this week with this friend Gabby Bryan!
-Leif’s sex table
-When a shirt becomes a dress
-Gabby’s favorite food
-What’s in our phones
-Mike is a hero
-Gabby’s dumb 1920s party
& we play the 36 Questions That Lead To Love
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Episode 27- The Bigger Good

Wow! The lads are back from a bunch of different trips and they go over where they’ve been, what they’ve done and they get earnest with each other. It’s a real fun ride.
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Episode 26: Tiger Nuts with Alyssa Limperis

Wow hey hello! The boys are back this week with their good friend Alyssa Limperis and they chatted about:

-The death of the Warped Tour

-Our favorite flag

-Buddhist swastikas

-We eat the worst snack ever

-Flying to see women

-Diego saving a man

-Childhood anxiety

-Arguing with friends

-Mike tells a horrific story from being on tour


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Episode 24: The Cee-Lo Dilemma with Kenice Mobley

Wowowow the boys are back this week and chat with their friend and comedian Kenice Mobley about: -Walking penis first -Avoiding jury duty -Second tier streetwear -Love Island corner -Don’t yuck my yums -Romantically skeezy dates
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Episode 23: Baldy Bad Project with Brendan Eyre

Hey hi hello we’re back this week with our good friend Brendan Eyre and we get down to brass tacks about:
– Hearing loss
– Brendan being on Serial
– The thought pattern of birds
– Crows (the birds) vs The Crow (the movie)
– Creepy directors
– Getting puffy
– Bodybuilders eating
– The expectation of being happy
– Debating people
– School projects
– Eating on the roof of a Taco Bell
– Brendan’s diner order
– Bottle modifications
– Soda addiction
– Breakfast cake
– Hobby stores
– Stealing music
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Episode 22: It All Comes Down To Bricks with Rufat Agayev

Wow hello the boys are back this week with Rufat Agayev and they get into it. They discuss:
-Slow sports car
-Karate stolen valor
-Azerbaijan banning Anthony Bourdain
-Harmony Korine, the voyager
– Rufat the mob prince
-Opening the flood gates of eating pussy
-The brutal open mics of NYC
-Christian rap reality mistakes
-We miss Syed Masroor
-Telling tattooers jokes
-Algorithm is math that makes us sad
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Episode 20- “So You Wanna Be A Sicario?”

Holy hell the boys are back this week and they go wild. They talk about:
-How Mike can’t chill
-Getting tattooed by Woody Allen
-Getting choked on Univision
-How Diego is 6 ft tall
-Paying the sound guy
-Comedy credits
-Live vs recorded music
-MoviePass corner
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Episode 19- We’re Therapists Now with Moss Perricone

Wow! The boys are back this week with guest Moss Perricone and we talk him through a breakup the entire time. That’s it. No questions. No topics. Just straight up therapy.
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Episode 18: Mandatory Square Dancing with Shalewa Sharpe

Wow! The boys are back this week with guest extraordinaire Shalewa Sharpe and they discuss:

The pass out game

Gym class

Jim(Gym?) Carrey

Celebrity hairlines

SATs/IQ test

Going to Universal

Buffet stories

All of Shalewa’s cars



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Episode 17: Animal Style Haircut with Jakub Alexander

Wow! The boys are back with week with special guest Jakub Alexander aka Heathered Pearls. They have a lovely chat with topics including:

Mike does a lot of song work

The World Cup

The Osiris G-Bag


How to get taller

If Jakub is a DJ or not

How horny Jakub’s music is

The best day to die

Jakub’s dog rescue charity

Fantasy fight scenarios


How to neuter a dog

Ordering off menu at the barber shop

Moviepass Corner: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The Polish government

Jakub’s journey to America

Mike sleeping through a party

And answer your questions!

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Episode 16: Mugged Off By A Fit Bird

Hey hi hello the lads are back(we’re British now) and we have a right chat. This week we talked about:

Having an accent

John Malkovich or Milla Jovovich?

Mike’s body goals

Sex sounds

Hairline comedy

Long jump racism

Ex-girlfriend conspiracies

MoviePass Corner: Mike saw Book Club

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Episode 15: Anxiety Is Bae

Holy moly the boys couldn’t be more back in town and this week they chat about:

Athlete superstitions

Big bills

Coconut water conspiracies

Florida weddings

What Knights of Columbus actually do

Mike seeing his dad

How long we could go without sex

How to ask people to leave your house


Answer questions about:

Eating each other in plane crash

Intimidating men

Their old web series

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Episode 14: Carlito The Cat with Courtney Fearrington

Wow! This week the boys are back with comedian Courtney Fearrington and they talk about:
The difficulty of taking compliments
Being uncomfortable everywhere
Talking hardcore music to your therapist
Teaching kids word economy
Win-Win machete attack
First movie going experience
Jerkin’ it to COPS & Blind Date
Hiding a Playboy inside of a Playgirl
Strange Penis compliments
Deadpool spoilers
+ more!!
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Episode 13: Chipotle Aioli Bukkake with Jess Lane 

Wow! The boys are back this week and we chat with our good friend Jess Lane. It’s a great one.


Sing some songs

Invent a new food

Plan to open restaurants

Opine the end of Da Snack Boys

We get into a full argument

Talk about:


Diego going to a party

We construct the perfect party

Try to figure out Mike’s birthday

Turning 30

Discuss our merch options


Answer questions about:

Eating food that’s not vegan

Making a huge life change

Who our favorite Snack Boy is

Favorite Simpsons episode

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Episode 12: That’s Daddy! with Luke Mones

Episode 12: That’s Daddy! with Luke Mones
Wow! Hey hi hello! We’re back and this week we talk with our good friend Luke Mones about:
Murdering people with our hands
Luke being threatened on stage again
Mike seeing Vanilla Ice in concert
Spicy chocolate
Mike’s pilot ideas
Our favorite stores in the mall
Diego’s journey to see his father
Mike’s relationships with his parents
Answer questions about:
Being passionate about sports
Fighting animals
Doing stand up
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Episode 11: Date The Boys

Wowowow! We’re back this week and it’s just the damn boys. We hunker down and talk about:
Jimi Hendrix’s greatest prank
Mike wants to look like a seal
Grappling hooks
What spy weapons we’d use
Terrible internet videos
Why Diego doesn’t like music
Seeings bands alone vs going to the movies alone
MoviePass Corner: Super Troopers 2, Gemini
Why Zoe Kravitz doesn’t have a British accent
Diego playing hockey again
Mike wanting a hobby
Hanging out at Applebee’s with your scumbag cousin
The integration of the Boy Scouts
Mike’s new confidence
Comedy merit badges
Answer questions about:
Spending a day in our neighborhood
Telling someone how you feel
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Episode 10: Post Your Load with Chris Thayer

Wow! The boys are back this week with special guest Chris Thayer and we all talked about:

Lifting different animals up with a helicopter

Measuring your body

The Wayans Family

Sitcom marital bliss

Kevin James

Punching holes in walls

Playing in the NBA

Podcast classes

A new website, PostYourLoad.com


What we’d do with a motorcycle with a side car

Earthquake and Comics Unleashed

A visit from our friend Raphael

And we answer questions about:


The supernatural

and more!

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Episode 9: Sad Death with Sam Evans

Hey hi hello! We’re back this week and we talk to the wonderful Sam Evans and we chat about:
•Reacting to hot people
•The difficulties of calling your parents
•Exchanging pleasantries that aren’t pleasant
•Starting comedy is going through puberty again
•Holding court in a GNC
•I went to my cousins wedding and I was the groom
•How we write our mediocre jokes
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Episode 8: Straight Edging with Courtney Maginnis

Wow! Another week, another unbelievable episode. This week the boys talked to Courtney Maginnis about:
Energy drinks
Mike & Diego both being single
Sexy dudes on The Price Is Right
Courtney being rich
Huffing gas off of a dead rat
Body hair
Courtney doesn’t know her body
Curves below the belt
Watching comedy alone
How Mike wants to be murdered
Getting Courtney into a threesome
And we all answer questions about:
The Undertaker
Mike’s rings & earring
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Episode 7: Free Trade Cocaine

Wow! Welcome to another episode of A Little Time! The boys are back in town and we talk about:

War Machine in all meanings


Mike besmirches the wrong dead woman’s name

Next on MTV

Intergender wrestling matches

Mike joining the gym

Our broken shower

Diego being very strong

Getting hit by a car on your bike

Comedy albums on Spotify

Answer questions about:


Vegan food


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Episode 6: Buttchug My Thoughts with Clare O’Kane

Hey hi hello! This week we’ve got a hot ass new episode with Clare O’Kane! We talk:

Newspaper games

Going to parties

Why Mike is miserable

Body jewelry violence

We think Nazis are bad

Train performers


Doing stand up on tv

Loving the lord


We try to sing movie theme songs

We do ASMR

Rebooting The Man Show


And answer questions about:

Mental health

Getting famous

Getting banned from a Modell’s

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Episode 5: Bowling Alley Garçon

Wow! Hey hi hello! It’s a real host heavy episode. It’s just Mike and Diego this week and we talk about:

-Lotioning our bodies

-Swallowing hot dogs whole to impress women

-The difference in our favorite drinks: The Denzel Washington, The John Leguizamo and the Daniel Day Lewis

-Getting laid at a bowling alley

-Being friends with your siblings

-Keeping your family at a distance

-Moms on Facebook

-Diego teaching pro wrestlers moves

-Getting into altercations in public

-Train etiquette

-The Guardian Angels

-Citizens arrest


Answer questions about:

-Trying to make your parents happy before they die


-Who we’d like to fight

+ more!!

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Episode 4: Group Sext with Ahri Findling

Wow! Welcome back! This week Mike and Diego welcome their buddy Ahri Findling and they talk about:

Going inside the Statue of Liberty

Sleeping naked

Mike punching his roommates boyfriend

Naked fights

Soulja Boy vs Chamillionaire

Ahri’s dad being a liar

Ahri possibly moving to New Jersey

How to jerk off on the train

Adjusting your crank tightness

The woman who tried to kill her boyfriend with a sword

When Ahri and Mike saw Cuba Gooding Jr

Ahri loses a bet on-air


We answer questions about:

Quitting your job to grow your side hustle

Top date movies

Dumping someone because you like your dog more

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Episode 3: “I Did Not Drown That Woman” with Jamie Loftus and Julia Claire

Wow! Welcome back to A Little Time. This week the boys welcomed their guests, another tag team of best friends: Jamie Loftus and Julia Claire!
They talked about:
Sebastian Maniscalco, the greatest comedian of all time
If Mikes cat can get a boner
Spongebob: The Musical
We guess Mandy Patinkin’s height
Jamie’s worm tattoo
Julia’s obsession with the Kennedys
Answer questions about:
A man that wanted to know if Jamie’s hot or not
Our worst dates
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Episode 2: Heterosexual Power Bottom

Hey hi hello! Welcome to episode 2 of A Little Time. This week we talked about:

-Mike’s French fry locater

-Diego’s uncle shooting at children

-The presidential fitness test

-Being “buttcrack fat”

-Public relations

-Opening a business where we punch people in the face

+ more!


And we answered questions about:

-Getting your ex back even if you have gout

-Inviting a woman to a wrestling show

-Very specific vegan restaurants that have closed

-What we’d cook with $10 and rank brands of bottled water

Episode 1: “We Can Do An Algorithm, Right?”

Hey hi hello! Welcome to A Little Time! This episode we talk about why Mike stopped doing TV Casualty, Diego taking care of Mike while he was sick, favorite conspiracy theories, hating ourselves and we answer questions about:
-Professional wrestling finishers
-Working out
-How to stop eating bagels
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NewsRadio with Diego Lopez

We’re back this week with Diego Lopez (Da Snack Boys) to talk about NewsRadio, Florida, jiu jitsu, growing up with immigrant parents and more!
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